The Mind/Body Connection: The Power of Will in the Third Chakra

The mind/body connection: the power of will in the third chakra
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on June 18, 2013.  Posted with permission.

gary granza in boat pose

Gary Granza in Boat Pose for the Third Chakra

“Go with the gut” is apropos.

The chakra journey began with grounding and safety in the first and the flow of feeling in the second. Now, use the belly’s fire to push the will to action in the third.

The gut is the home of the third chakra, manipura power. From the navel to the solar plexus, this is the center of transformation, the will fire. It’s here that you overcome the inertia of the lower chakras and turn matter into energy.

“How can I serve?”

How often do you subvert your power? Are you addicted to coffee and energy drinks? Do you rely on therapists, psychics, mob rule, or religious and political ideologies to guide your decisions?

Do you own your will? Third chakra imbalances are indicated by being reactive or completely passive. An empowered third chakra helps you choose your behavior and impact your environment.

By aligning and cleansing this chakra, you can break the cycle of powerlessness without dominating others.

Running. There is no greater kick-start for the gut than rhythmically moving the body, pumping the oxygen and blood to every cell. You don’t have to run fast; you can speed walk. Just get moving.

Begin the day with two body-energizing moves. First, sun salutations. Yogis like to do 108 (108 is a sacred number), but given real-life time constraints, try nine per day. Then, ignite the will with abdominal crunches. Tuck your hands under the buttocks and do leg lifts. Bicycle the arms and legs. Hold boat pose (balancing on your buttocks with your torso and legs forming a V). Pull the knees and elbows to touch and stretch back out to a wide V.

Breath of Fire. Sit in a chair or cross-legged. Empty the lungs and then sharply exhale through the nose with a snap of the abdomen. The inhale will happen naturally when the belly releases. This one takes practice, but work up to 29 in a row, snap-snap-snap.

Then, meditate.

Simply ask, “How can I serve?”

Thinking will get you nowhere when the mind is cluttered with the illusions of the senses and the ego. Clear it out by focusing on the breath. Chant RAM for the third chakra; wear or visualize yellow. Gaze at a candle’s flame.

The most common misconception of meditation is that sudden a-has emerge while sitting and breathing. Not exactly. Meditation is a process of cleaning and expanding the consciousness. It is after the meditation practice when you are a more open vessel for receiving universal wisdom.

Believe the answer will come to you. Then do it.




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