Know Thyself through crystals

Know Thyself through crystals
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on January 24, 2017

Nancy Loughlin’s crystal meditation table…

Shimmering beauties surrounded me, and a decision was impossible.

Quartz, Selenite, Obsidian piled on tables in a dazzling color spectacle at Infinite Stones, Fort Myers.  My intention was to find the right piece of Smoky Quartz because, during a recent sound healing session, the visuals got surreal when the musician pressed a piece to my feet.  Which stone was right for me?

“Here is how you decide,” said associate Lisa Claiborne.  I should hold the stone in my hands, she said. If I rock forward, I need it.  If I rock back, my body says no.

I eyed her suspiciously as my first choice shifted my weight to the balls of my feet.  The second stone almost dropped me on my back.

Lisa smiled, “They communicate, don’t they?”

There was a problem when I rushed home with my new Smoky Quartz.  What was once a coffee table was now my crystal table, and it was crowded.  Crystals also congregated on countertops, my bedroom dresser and nightstand, my writing desk, the bookshelves and even the bathtub rim.

Crystals are also populating our community in crystal shops, meditation gatherings and yoga studios. They are everywhere.

As Mandalin Warrick, a crystal enthusiast who guides an evening meditation at Quartz and Clover, has said, pay attention to synchronicities.


I first heard crystals referred to as “friends” when I attended one of Meghan Pullaro’s Reiki circles at Ruby and Pearl’s Yoga/Yoga Tribe, Fort Myers.

For Meghan, the crystals she integrates into her Reiki sessions have personalities, and she even assigns them jobs.

I thought it silly until the blue chunk of Aquamarine on my desk ordered, “Take me to work.”

It was 5:30 a.m., so I thought I was imagining it. I popped my head out of the bathroom. My vision locked on the stone, and again, “Take me to work.”

Thus, she became my “Get to Work” crystal.  Whenever I feel fatigue nibble at my motivation, I roll her between my palms and say, “Let’s do this.” And it works.

As my collection grows, so does my army of helpers. I have my “Fire the Will” slice of Honey Calcite, aptly colored yellow for the third chakra.  My “F–This” stone is a diamond of intuitive purple Lepidolite wrapped around a spear of fourth chakra green Tourmaline.  When my heart aches, I hold it and breathe and release.

The Grid

Ana Peth calls her crystal cabinet her “happy place.”

I tried “The Grid” at the suggestion of Fort Myers crystal designer Ana Peth. She created an effective grounding headband for me adorned with Black Kyanite, Red Aura and Selenite, so I enlisted her talents to amplify my productivity and gumption.

Ana Peth’s stick figure map for Nancy Loughlin

She greeted me with a stick-figure map detailing the precise locations for the stones’ placements, and they were already supercharging together around a pot of water holding Moonstone, Carnelian, Citrine and Angelite for new beginnings, stability, creativity and awareness.

Ana covered me with a sheet and lay the stones on and around my body.  I had the ride of my life.

The vibration undulated in my quads and created an endless series of cresting ocean waves crashing into my bottomless solar plexus.  The vibration began to pry into my ribcage, and I could see my energy body cracking at the chest to reveal a golden sunburst.  That orange seeped like juice into my throat.


Nancy Loughlin in The Grid…

Afterward, Ana poured the crystal water into two wine glasses for a toast.

“To you,” she said.

So they work?

Every morning when I wake, I light several candles on a table full of glittering crystals and colorful rocks. One or two will step forward for morning meditation.

I’ll fill a tiny cloth sack with a few small stones and carry it with me.  One smooth stone, usually an oval purple and cream Charoite, is in my pocket.  When stress erupts, I run my thumb over the stone, and the stress passes. I slip a Lapis Lazuli into my bra so the blue of the communication chakra stays close to my heart and reminds me to speak with compassion and love.

I sage the stones every day, and I give them regular sun baths.  I take care of them, as they nurture me.

Is there scientific evidence to support any of this?

No.  But there are many theories about frequency, amplification and the crystalline structures underlying all life that could illuminate the power of the stones.

If it resonates, go with it.

“Everything has an innate resonance, a vibration, and crystals are mini packets of Earth’s vibration,” said Mary Lambert. She’s a massage therapist and co-owner of crystal supplier The Other Side of the Sun.

She explained different crystals have different properties, and they can vibrate out the detritus diminishing the body’s energy.

Indeed, there are volumes written assigning specific stones particular healing qualities whether they be for stress, clarity, loving-kindness or writer’s block.

But most experienced practitioners know resonance is personal, so let intuition and divine consciousness be your guide.

There is no scientific evidence fake pills and surgeries, juju charms or magic waters will erase a tumor.  Yet, don’t forget about the potential of placebos. They can create measurable physiological changes in the stress response as well as in a patient’s perception of improvement. Thanks to the research of Ted Kaptchuk of Harvard Medical School, ill patients reported feeling better with placebo treatment, even when they knew they were given a placebo and not the real medicine.

When the body is happy, stress subsides, and both the physical and subtle bodies have a better chance to heal. Let the stones be the two in the one-two punch.

Mandalin Warrick’s words ring so true: “We open ourselves to the stones.  If we seek, they provide.”


To buy stones, visit; Infinite Stones, Fort Myers,; Mystical Moon, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs,; CasaShanti, Fort Myers,; and Quartz and Clover, Fort Myers,


Mandalin Warrick offers a free meditation for crystal enthusiasts on the second Friday of the month at Quartz and Clover, 9:30 p.m.  Meghan Pullaro hosts monthly crystal Reiki sessions at Ruby and Pearl Yoga/Yoga Tribe, Fort Myers.


To learn more about The Grid, Facebook Ana Peth.

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