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Menstrual cycle kits empower women around the world

Menstrual cycle kits empower women around the world
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on January 31, 2017

Tina Noel works with GRACE Project and the Unitarian Universalist Church in Fort Myers to produce hundreds of cycle kits.

It’s about the pads and tampons, the stuff women need when the blood comes out of their “wherevers.”

But not everyone has access to feminine hygiene supplies, and this is not a trifle.

It’s simple: Without hygiene products women can’t go to work or stay in school.  Days for Girls, an international non-profit, is dedicated to providing women around the world with the supplies they need.

Given women menstruate about two months out of a year, this project is part of a larger mission to address poverty, hunger, education, gender equality, economic growth and sustainable communities. Continue reading

Know Thyself through crystals

Know Thyself through crystals
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on January 24, 2017

Nancy Loughlin’s crystal meditation table…

Shimmering beauties surrounded me, and a decision was impossible.

Quartz, Selenite, Obsidian piled on tables in a dazzling color spectacle at Infinite Stones, Fort Myers.  My intention was to find the right piece of Smoky Quartz because, during a recent sound healing session, the visuals got surreal when the musician pressed a piece to my feet.  Which stone was right for me?

“Here is how you decide,” said associate Lisa Claiborne.  I should hold the stone in my hands, she said. If I rock forward, I need it.  If I rock back, my body says no.

I eyed her suspiciously as my first choice shifted my weight to the balls of my feet.  The second stone almost dropped me on my back.

Lisa smiled, “They communicate, don’t they?” Continue reading

Stepping out after a knee replacement

Stepping out after knee replacement surgery
By Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on January 10, 2017

After his knee replacement surgery, doctors and nurses called Gary Granza “Yoga Guy.”

Medical professionals huddled in his hospital room doorway and watched the Bonita Springs yoga teacher move into a full forward fold on the bed only hours after they replaced his right knee. The very first day (granted he was on pain blockers) he stood on one leg while holding the walker.

Gary laughs as he recalls the wide-eyed amazement as they said, “No one has ever done that before.”

He credits his yoga practice for carrying him through the ten years of pain before the surgery as well as his relatively swift recovery.  Immediately after the surgery, as he was weaned off the medication, he noted discomfort yes, but pain, no.

“It was just another signal my brain had to deal with,” he said. Continue reading

Meditative tools for taking control of your day

Taking control of the day in three steps
By Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on January 3, 2017

Fort Myers yogi Samantha Reynolds boxes up her arms for her morning stretch.

Some days don’t begin.  They launch.

Are you moving through the hours with deliberate intention, committed to purpose, or are the hours smacking you around?

Don’t just be aware.  Be aware of being aware, and embrace, regroup and release your days – morning, midday and evening.


As soon as you step from your bed, greet the day with four modified sun breaths.  Continue reading