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Angels, coincidences and magical thinking

Coincidences and magical thinking
By Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on November 21, 2017

“Julia” by Lesley Morrow

When I raced a marathon in September, I hid a plastic bag of my dead friend’s ashes in my sleeve.

Around mile three, I sprinkled a handful of her on the wet pavement.  She always told me she dreamed of being a runner, and here she was at last.

A companion asked, “What was her name?”

At that moment, my eyes locked on a solitary sidewalk spectator holding a cardboard sign.

It said, “Julia.”

I screamed and pointed, stunned.  “That’s her name!”

For the spiritually minded, coincidences like that sign are evidence of a larger logical structure at work, a benevolent force guiding the universe.  To think otherwise would be to accept randomness, rendering life’s events meaningless.

That sign said she was running with me, and I called upon Julia’s angel wings to carry me to the finish line.    Continue reading

Rethink the TMI

Rethink the TMI
By Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on November 14, 2017

There is such a thing as oversharing.

The combination of our celebrity fixation with our social media crutch makes Citizenfour’s observation so apt: What we used to call freedom, we now call privacy, and we don’t have either anymore.

Standing in our truth is not the same as broadcasting it.

Conversational sharing of our secrets, revealing our sins, suffering and shame, can make us relatable to others but only on a superficial and misleading level.

The bonds forged by oversharing are a parody of connection, and they construct ramshackle bridges.  Dark tales of our pasts, the ones of pain, abuse, struggle, humiliation and failure, are decontextualized snippets and do not encompass our light. Continue reading