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Drop the baggage with “metaphor of the line”

Drop the baggage with “metaphor of the line”
By Nancy B. Loughlin

Published in News Press on  April 25, 2016

How do we stop fixating on our perceived flaws, past hurts, disappointments and deficits so they stop sabotaging our happiness today?

A wise man drew a horizontal line on a chalkboard.

“Make the line smaller without touching it,” he commanded.

I thought I was clever. I thought I could move to the back of the room, farther away from the line. I could also squint.  But, I was told, even though I wasn’t physically touching the, I was still addressing it.

The wise man moved to the chalkboard and, above the horizontal line, drew another line twice as long.

That was the answer.

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Forgiveness is Arrogance

The Arrogance of Forgiveness
by Nancy B. Loughlin

Published in News Press on April 18, 2016

I’ve read endless variations of the pro-forgiveness memes:

“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

“The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

I see Amon Goeth, the Nazi commandant of Schindler’s List, raising his finger (and his nose) while muttering, “I pardon you.”

When someone unintentionally or even intentionally harms you, not only is forgiveness overrated, it’s arrogant.

Bestowing forgiveness is placing yourself in a position of verbal and moral superiority.  When you can say you’ve forgiven someone, you feel better than the object of your scorn.  You’re higher.  You’re grander, loftier and wiser.

That’s not exactly one with all that is.

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Lessons from a Six-Day Fast

Know Thyself: Lessons from a Six-Day Fast
by Nancy B. Loughlin

Published in News Press on April 11, 2016

Eating is a mundane fixation.

Until I committed to fast for six days, drinking only water, I never realized how much the act of eating devoured my mental energy.

When am I going to eat again?  Where am I going to eat?  What am I going to eat? Do I need to stop at the store? Who is going to join me?

As the first of the stomach rumbles hit late on day one, I knew pondering meals would be torturous, like planning the final stretch of a 26.2-mile marathon before the race even starts.

My gut learned immediately I would not heed its temblors. Six days was a long way off, so I had to think about something else.

But what?

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Fall into grace with Kirtan

Know Thyself:  Heed the Call of Kirtan
By Nancy B. Loughlin

Published in News Press on April 5, 2016


Missy Balsam performs at 2015 Bhakti Fest

You can always try to figure things out.  Or, you could just drop in, fall into grace and stop analyzing to death.

These are the words of Missy Balsam, Naples yoga teacher and Kirtan artist who recently appeared at Ruby and Pearl’s Yoga Studio, Fort Myers.

Kirtan is a style of call-and-response chanting and an element of Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. Kirtan, according to Balsam, is a method for falling into that grace, the object of so many seekers’ quests.

In other words, Kirtan’s chanting and singing can help you shed your preoccupation with self and ego and usher you into a state of spiritual oneness with all that is.

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