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Saving your back with the deadlift

Save your back with the deadlift
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on September 22, 2015

Kacie Tapley Jeannine Amodeo Chris Luizzi

Powerlifters are beasts, and they’re smart.

“Lift with your legs and not with your back” means the deadlift.

The deadlift is the most functional movement in powerlifting. Mastering this move can save your back.

The deadlift strengthens the upper and lower body simultaneously: the gluteus maximus and hamstrings as well as the erector spinae along the spine.

Before you go for the weights, practice deadlifting form with Chair Pose.

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So how do you trash talk?

Thirty ways to trash talk and how to stop
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on September 15, 2015

fish pose

To paraphrase B.K.S Iyengar, the one who controls the tongue has attained self-control in a great measure.

So many of us have room for growth.

Our word, when aligned with purpose, is divine.  Yet, there are many ways to talk trash:

  1. Gratuitous profanity.
  2. Gossip with the intention of disparaging someone’s reputation.
  3. Talking only about what we oppose instead of what we support.
  4. Sarcasm.
  5. Meaningless small talk.
  6. Filling what could be thoughtful silences with ums and you-knows.
  7. Complaints rather than solutions.
  8. Passive-aggressive facial responses: eye-rolling, shaking our heads and scrunching our eyebrows in mock confusion.
  9. Manipulative rhetoric: “If that’s what you think, you’re not as smart as I thought.”
  10. Dismissive tag lines: “Whatever,” “I can’t even…,” “If you say so,” and the fake “Ha!”
  11. Interrupting.
  12. Lying.
  13. Self-deprecating and demeaning thoughts.
  14. Endless self-promotion where most of our sentences begin with “I.”
  15. Self-minimizing questions: “Does that make sense?” or “Do you know what I mean?”
  16. Criticizing rather than coaching.
  17. Arguing with the goal of domination rather than truth.
  18. Killing someone with silence or one-word answers.
  19. “I’m sorry” when an apology isn’t needed.
  20. Strategic, self-serving compliments.
  21. Hypocrisy.
  22. The grammar correction power play.
  23. Abusive humor followed up with “Can’t you take a joke?” or accusations of hyper-sensitivity.
  24. Revealing confidences.
  25. Imitating and mocking someone else’s voice.
  26. Making sounds that imply disapproval: “humph,” sucking teeth, sighing and sniffing.
  27. Exchanging smug glances while someone else is speaking.
  28. Waiting for a chance to speak rather than listening.
  29. One-upmanship.
  30. Using others’ trash talk to excuse our own.

Bonus #31:  Denying that we do any of these.

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Stop the glorification of busy.

Stop the glorification of busy
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on September 1, 2015


Warriors I, II and III with the yogis of Yoga Bird, Fort Myers.

You say this: “I was going to return your call, but I was just too busy.”

This is what others hear: “I have many priorities, and you aren’t one of them.”

You’re not “just too busy” to return a phone call. Stop lying.

When your schedule makes you unavailable and removes you from relationships, spontaneity, new experiences, solitude and meditation time, you’re out of control.

“But I’m ‘just too busy’ for things like that.”

That’s the kind of busy no one needs. It’s the kind of busy that kills you – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Guidelines for Busy

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Five reasons to work the kettlebell

Romancing the kettlebell
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on August 25, 2015

20150818_155012 (2)

Magen Wooley with the kettlebell.

There are five reasons to swing a kettlebell.

  1. The kettlebell hits multiple fitness elements: cardiovascular, strength building, flexibility and balance.   Why spend extra time with several workout strategies when you can get more bang for your buck with 30 minutes of kettlebell?
  2. It’s cheap. Purchase one kettlebell, and a 30-minute sitcom in your living room can be your timer.
  3. You don’t have to join a gym. See #2.
  4. Even though kettlebells have been around for centuries, this fitness modality is still evolving and growing. There are kettlebell competitions and magazines and boot camps.  You can always change it up for variety.
  5. Legend has it that Gerard Butler used kettlebells to develop his physique for the movie “300.” Enough said.

A few tips:

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Yoga and Ayurvedic Solutions for Baby Sleep

Yoga and Ayurvedic Solutions for Troubled Baby Sleep
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in YogaUOnline In August, 2015

baby feet touch

Many babies are natural born sleepers.  It’s the first thing they do well.  But, environmental and sunlight cues can sometimes make it difficult to get newborns into a sleeping routine. Ayurveda and baby yoga can help.

According to Dr. Jose Colon, sleep medicine specialist and author of three books about sleep, including one for infant sleep, newborns begin to consolidate their sleeping habits into nighttime hours by three months of age. By six months, they should be sleeping through the night. But sometimes it takes little ones a while longer to develop a routine.

What Sleep Deprived Parents Can Do

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