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Handstand: Turn your life upside down

Turn your life upside down with handstand
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on February 21, 2015

aja handstand one

Aja Reeser

Turn your life upside down, both literally and figuratively.

We upend ourselves when we enter or exit a romantic partnership, quit a job or move and start over.  We let go of stubborn ideologies that no longer serve us, and we wander open-eyed into the intellectual wilderness.  We abandon fantasy and/or denial and, untethered, embrace reality.

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Hold your ground with samasthiti

Stand your ground with samasthiti
By Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on February 3, 2015 

Whenever I was nose-to-nose with someone, I never knew what to do with my arms.

During a face off with a boss, a friend, a family member or some stranger, my body was a bothersome appendage.

I dropped into one hip, crossed my arms over my power center, explored the interior of my pockets, popped arms akimbo or found a wall for support.  Sometimes I’d scratch.


Now, I practice samasthiti.

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