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A spiritual day planner

Know Thyself: a spiritual day planner
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on October 28, 2014.  Posted with permission. 

Early morning (4 a.m. to 6 a.m.): Wake up and study. Practice Jnana Yoga, the cultivation of the intellect, now.

This is the sattvic time of day. Sattva is one of the gunas, one of nature’s three qualities Vedanta describes. It is the purest of all energy marked by luminous clarity of thought. Morning is when sattvic energy is strongest. It’s the time to engage your mind to Know Thyself.

It’s not the time for leisure reading but for contemplative texts, print or video, that address the highest principles of living. Choose a small portion of a text, read it (or watch it) and ruminate. Studying does not mean that you spend these two hours passively reading. About 30% of the time is reading or viewing; 70% is reflecting, questioning, responding to and applying that text to your own life.

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Rage: Loving your Monster

Loving your monster
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Posted in News Press on October 15, 2013.  Posted with permission.

When your monster comes out it’s often entitled. Anger is a normal human emotion. It’s our inner voice saying, “No!”

But, rage is different, one of those seven deadlies. Its goal is to hurt another or the self.

When honesty prevails, anyone can admit to nurturing rage. That ex-lover. The boss. Toxic families.  And, admission is the first step, according to Madeline Ebelini, meditation expert with Integrative Mindfulness, Bonita Springs.

“Rage can be suppressed in the subconscious because it’s an emotion we’re not supposed to have,” Ebelini said.

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In defense of selfies

In defense of selfies
by Nancy B. Loughlin
(Published in News Press, October 14, 2014. Posted with permission.)

writing selfie     san francisco     Kansas City

The first photographic selfie is attributed to Robert Cornelius in 1839. I have been unable to determine if he was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (or the 1839 equivalent).

One of my favorite features, Selfies of the Week, is topped with a headline, “Look at me!” That tone is clear: The selfie is a teenaged immature quest to be validated and noticed.

A selfie is, by definition, a photo we take of ourselves that we present to the world, usually over social media. In 1966, Buzz Aldrin snapped one in space, and it was, indeed, broadcast to the planet.

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How to really listen: the art of holding space

The art of holding space
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on October 7, 2014.  Posted with permission. 

A friend recently told me that her father raped her when she was 15. I knew her when she was 15, but I never knew this.


When people choose to share their deepest pains with us (I got permission to write this), we must first recognize what an honor it is. It’s also a responsibility.

Our role is to hold space.

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