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Healing back pain with movement, yoga

Relieve lower back pain with movement, yoga
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on August 20, 2014.  Posted with permission.

Low back pain is a jolt. Or it’s a dull ache. Maybe it’s a throb. It’s one of the top five reasons people visit the doctor.

You might have a chronic disorder such as arthritis, scoliosis or spinal stenosis. You may have had a trauma or injury that damaged the spinal bones and tissues: enthusiastic hammer swings, up-and-downs in the garden, or the dreaded box lift with the back instead of the legs.

Or, more likely, you are probably one of the many millions who sit all day, and when you aren’t sitting, you’re driving. This constant sitting shortens the hamstrings and the psoas muscles which strains the lower back.

If your back pain lasts longer than three days, immobilizes you, or you suspect injury, the matter should be addressed by a physician.

Otherwise, a few minor adjustments in movement and targeted gentle stretches can offer relief.

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Lion’s Breath: Exhale and let go

Exhale, let go, and embrace your inner lion
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on August 5, 2014.  Posted with permission.

The number one reason to practice Lion Pose is that you will look ridiculous. Sacrificing the ego is a good thing.

lenore bishop demonstrating Lion's Breath

Lenore Bishop demonstrates Lion Pose

Simhasana, Lion Pose, is usually done on the floor. Sit back on your heels if you can, or use a bolster. As you inhale, your palms are on your knees.

Here comes the exhalation:

Hold your hands out in front of you as if they were claws. Open your mouth wide, stick out your tongue as far as possible and then point it downward. Roll your eyes upward so they are facing your third eye in the center of your forehead. Exhale hard through your mouth, and add a roar.

I can’t remember the last time I did this pose in public. But, I confess, I do it when I’m alone.

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Meditations: Be a better stranger

Meditations: Be a better stranger
by Nancy B. Loughlin
(Published in News Press August 5, 2014.  Posted with permission.)

          kilimanjaro cairn          lakes park cairn

Cairns are road markers left by strangers. Nancy Loughlin (left) meditates by cairns built on Mt. Kilimanjaro.  This wood and rock cairn (right) was built in Lakes Park, Fort Myers.

Each one of us is Blanche DuBois. We depend on the kindness of strangers.

In my darkest times, I was mystified by how many strangers stepped from the shadows and gave me exactly what I needed. Then, they disappeared.

Strangers, in total, have done more for you than all your friends and family. They have saved your life by merely doing their jobs, enhanced your well-being with technology and uplifted your spirits by giving you hope and the benefit of the doubt.

And you are more frequently a stranger than a friend. Live your purpose, and recognize how you serve. You’ll be a better stranger in someone else’s journey.

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