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Cancer healing with yoga

Healing breaths; cancer healing with yoga
By Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on May 21, 2013  Posted with permission.

George and Gretchen slant George and Gretchen Pink ribbon restorative yoga

Cancer patients, cancer survivors and the people who love them are seated in a circle on the floor facing a colorful cloth dotted with candles. They are reminded of the single word that is the core of their healing.


Louise, age 75, has been in cancer remission for three years and attends the Pink Ribbon Restorative yoga class each Monday in the NCH Brookdale Infusion Center in Naples.

“I’m more in control, more peaceful…” Louise said.

Pink Ribbon ( is a non-profit that offers donation-based classes in different styles including restorative, chair/mat, and gentle yoga. Classes are taught by LiRa Bennett, Gretchen Ross and George McDermott.

This practice is for healing.

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