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More than core with paddleboard yoga

More than the Core with Paddleboard Yoga
By Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on August 14, 2012.  Posted with permission.

king pigeon

Marcie Gillis in King Pigeon.

For paddleboard yoga teacher Marcie Gillis, the first yoga pose makes a splash. She’ll lead the class into the waters off Lovers Key, tell them to assume Vrksasana (Tree Pose, otherwise known as balancing on one leg) and then watch them all unceremoniously tumble into the surf.

“Success!” Gillis will undoubtedly cheer.

There isn’t much patience for asmita, the ego, when moving through a paddleboard yoga practice. But, Gillis argued, that’s the point. It’s time to harness the will, the fire in the belly, and try something new.

split on board 2

Marcie Gillis in split.

The word is out that there isn’t a better core workout than paddleboarding. Beneath Fort Myers Beach Bridge, the paddleboard converts dot the waves like water nymphs, precariously standing on planks slightly wider than surfboards and paddling them with long oars.

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